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Who we are

The West Yorkshire 4x4 Volunteers is a registered charity in England and Wales (1155877) and, as the name suggests, a volunteer group who use privately owned and maintained 4x4 vehicles to assist the local community in times of need.


We are currently setting up agreements with similar neighbouring groups in order to expand our capabilities in times of major emergency.

As our name suggests, we support communities within the West Yorkshire County boundaries. We can call on over 100 volunteer drivers who are supported by a number of back-room volunteers. However, we are always on the look out for new members to join us and allow us to support our users to the maximum possible effectiveness.

Our Group evolved from the original but now defunct Humber and Yorkshire 4x4 Response Group and as such many of our members have experience assisting during major emergencies such as the flooding both locally and nationally during the summer of 2007 and the bitter winter weather of 2010 and 2011.

What we do
We offer assistance as required by our user services, principally Category 1 and Category 2 responders, such as Police, Ambulance, Doctors and Local Authorities via the Local Resilience Forums set up by the Civil Contingencies Act (2004). This is often in extraordinary circumstances or extremes of weather, such as heavy snow or flooding. We also attend shows and local events to assist in engaging with the people in our local communities to raise the awareness of our group, what we do and ensure we maintain good relationships with those we volunteer our time for.


We typically perform a variety of roles, including the relocation of people or equipment, access to or from areas that could not be reached by 'normal' vehicles, the recovery of stranded people or critical equipment. We principally deal with key strategic objectives of Category 1 responders, enabling them to continue to operate in the harshest conditions where they would otherwise not be able to function. An example of this during snow in 2010 when, as members of our previous Group we were cited as the key factor in keeping a regional Police control centre functional, by enabling Police control to continue to conduct emergency operations and giving them the freedom of movement they needed in order to be able to continue to function as a unit.

Our Members
Membership of the West Yorkshire 4x4 Volunteer Group is open to anybody who is willing to give freely of their time to help. You do not need to be an expert off-road driver, or even own a 4x4. Our Volunteers are trained to the highest standards in off-road driving, towing and vehicle recovery in order to operate safely and professionally when their services are required. In order to operate we rely on our valuable network of supporters, fund raisers, events co-ordinators and other volunteers as well as our core Volunteer Drivers.

If you do own a 4x4, it doesn't have to have any special modifications. The nature of the assistance we give means that the bigger variety of vehicles, the better we are able to send a vehicle that is best suited to the task in hand.


We conduct training days and sessions throughout the year. These allow Volunteers to be taught and be assessed on key core competencies which prepare them for doing their part as a Volunteer in the challenging conditions the group principally operates in. We can even train some of our user services in our training modules!

Our Social Side
The group has an active social side and while the principle aims of the group are very serious, we try to involve the whole family in as many events as possible. We have monthly open meetings held in various locations across West Yorkshire and we organise regular green laning trips, pay and play days and events such as camping weekends where children and other family members are welcome to come along. We also attend a number of shows taking place throughout the year with the aim of promoting the group within our communities together with raising valuable funds to support our work.


We are also keen to promote responsible use of 4x4 vehicles. Our members take pride in their vehicles and we run instructional training modules on how to keep them vehicles well maintained which increases reliability and efficiency. Membership of the Green Laning Association is encouraged within and outside the group and we have also secured a Group Membership of the Association.

If you are interested in becoming a member of West Yorkshire 4x4 Volunteer Group then please register on the forum, ask questions and fill in the forms here.
We are not government funded and rely solely on donations, please help us continue our operations by donating below! All moneys raised goes to developing the group further and ensuring continued cover throughout West Yorkshire.